Upgrade Your Existing PV Solar System With A SolarEdge
Increase your Production by up to 25%

Solar Panel Upgrades Cumbria

Why Upgrade Your PV System?

Many solar pv systems have been poorly installed, bad workmanship or simply used inferior quality components have led to many systems failing and performing poorly.

We are constantly receiving phone calls from solar owners who are concerned that their system have been under-performing since they were installed.

Many existing installer are no longer trading and the customer does not know which way to turn. A typical problem we see regularly are older systems that have been installed with string inverters that shading, damage or soiling to one of the panels can cause a domino effect to all the other panels and stop or the system from working correctly.

SolarEdge Technology

By using SolarEdge power optimisers each panel works independently and if one panel looses performance, the whole system isn't affected. Utilizing SolarEdge technology could boost your systems performance by up to 25%.

SolarEdge is an intelligent and innovative solar inverter solution that can help you make more money, produce more electricity, and improve the safety of your solar PV System. Essentially, it is a solar power management system.

SolarEdge come with a 12 year warranty as standard and can be increased to 20 years.

SolarEdge Technology also provide 24/7 monitoring so you can check your panels on a daily basis through your pc, tablet or phone.